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Now that the weather is warming up, it's the perfec time to teach your child about the changing of the seasons and what's new for spring! Here's how to start a conversation about gardening, and how to create a learning window garden

By Ann-Marie Burton

Too cold to stay out for long? Well, if you don't want to take the kids out into the snow, bring it inside to them! All you need is a container to haul it in, and you're set for hours of cheap entertainment

By Ann-Marie Burton

This paper bag leaf man puppet is an easy craft that preschoolers and even toddlers can make almost entirely on their own.

Summer lovin' means family time playing at the beach. Even if you can't get to a beach in your area, you can make these sand and beach-inspired crafts and do some activities that will make it seem like you brought the beach to your own home!

Dinosaur month at momstown is full of fun crafts, silly dino snacks and lots of learning about different types of dinosaurs! We love this simple craft to get kids to think about where they dinosaurs would live. Using recycled and natural ingredients can make the perfect dinosaur habitat or diorama.

It is a traditional belief or story that on Valentine's Day the birds find their mates. They have to hook up early in the year to make sure the children will be strong before the fall arrives. You can also use this as an opportunity to talk to your toddler about shapes!

Ever find yourself looking at beach rocks yours kids have picked up and wondered what to do with them? Painting rocks can be a fun, creative activity to do together.

Just grab some sand from the sandbox or your next trip to the beach, some glue and paper - and you've got some real art on your hands!

Backyard birdfeeders made of natural materials was an inspiration to draw more birds to our yard this year. These simple birdfeeders were an easy way to help promote Earth Day.

It is never to early to start exploring science with children.